Celebrated the Independence Day

Date : 28 Mar, 2018

Haji Rashid Ali High School is celebrated on 47th Great Independence and National Day with due respect. Monday morning at 8 am, students and teachers / teachers organized the national anthem, the National Flag hoisting school meeting and meeting in Doha Mahfil. The discussion meeting and the Doha Mahfil were held in the direction. The headmaster of this school, Mohammad Ramzan Ali, said in the speech of the President, great independence is our great achievement. Our beloved motherland in the history of the world is very appealing to the history of Bangladesh's independence. In the past, as students have a glorious role, in the exhaustion of the current students and youth of the country, they have to play a much more prominent role as in the past. To know the correct history of freedom and to practice in that light. Senior teachers Bishnath Chakraborty, Raj Mohan Sarker, Md. Hossain Ahmed, all teachers and teachers were present in the program.